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8th Tibetan Terrier World Congress

23 September 2003 

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Welcome to the World Congress Web, your one-stop source of all there is to know about the 8th Tibetan Terrier World Congress.

Besides the HTML versions of the reports, where possible I have included the original documents submitted by the various representatives. The HTML versions should be easier/quicker to download. The other formats are provided for those who are interested in seeing the originals.

World Congress Summary - Robert Kreis, US. (Co-Chair, TTCA World Congress Committee).
(Includes summaries of Presentations by Dr. Neff and Dr. Katz.

The original page announcing the program

A World Congress Photo Album (opens in a new window)

Country Reports and Presentations

Belgium [HTML - abridged] [Microsoft Power Point (872KB)]

Canada [HTML] [Microsoft Word (21KB)]

Germany [HTML] [Microsoft Word (23KB)]

Great Britain [HTML] [Microsoft Word (5.8MB)]

Supplemental Articles [HTML]

Ireland [HTML] [Microsoft Word (21.5KB)]

New Zealand [HTML] [Microsoft Word(13.5KB)]

Norway [HTML] [Microsoft Power Point (548KB)]

Sweden [HTML] [ Microsoft Word (67KB)]

Switzerland [HTML] [Microsoft Word (25KB)]

USA [HTML] [Microsoft Word (26.5KB)]

I hope to have soon,

Streaming RealMedia presentations with the audio of the presentations made in Sturbridge