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There were 132 participants represented from 12 different countries including Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA. The Congress was dedicated to the memories of Henk Beeks of Holland and Kaspar Sporri of Switzerland both of whom passed away shortly before the start of the Congress. Susan Carr, the President of the TTCA, welcomed the participants.

Presentations by speakers, Mark Neff, PhD, University of California Davis and Martin Katz, PhD. University of Missouri dealt with inherited genetic diseases. Dr Neff reported on advances in canine genetics and gave a general overview of genetic applications in breeding programs. Dr. Katz reported on his work on Canine Ceroid Lipofuscinosis (“CCL”) in Tibetan Terriers. A summary of their presentations is attached. This was followed by lunch.

Reports were presented from representatives of the participating countries. These reports covered Tibetan Terrier activities conducted by the respective associations and specifically TT health related activities. Copies of those reports submitted in writing are included with this Summary. Several of the countries displayed posters graphically evidencing their health activities.

The following decisions were taken:

The TIIS List covering Lens Luxation and PRA is to be posted on the Internet. A procedure for removal of a dog from this list upon presentation of certification from a qualified professional was approved.

The TTCA, with the approval of the artist Linda Nagao, offered the World Congress the use of the 8th World Congress logo as a permanent logo for future World Congresses. The Congress accepted this offer.

After a discussion of the height standard applicable in the UK and Europe, it was decided that it would be more appropriate to vote in Europe at the next World Congress in Germany on the issue of whether or not the World Congress participants are in favor of reverting to the 1934 standard.

Germany presented its plans for the 9th World Congress to be held on May 7, 2005, at Dortmund Germany. Because of the death of its President, Kaspar Sporri, and the close proximity to Germany, Switzerland decided to defer its bid to hold the 10th World Congress in 2007. Great Britain offered to host the 10th World Congress in its place, and this offer was accepted.

The Congress concluded with a banquet of New England food specialties.

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