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Tibetan Terrier Club of Ireland

As you all know, the population of Ireland is very small, and so indeed is the Tibetan Terrier population, and most of these are happily ensconced in Pet Homes.

Hip Scoring and Eye Testing, is only gaining ground in the last few years, and it is still an uphill battle to get breeders to have these necessary health checks done. With regular Seminars, we hope to educate those breeders now coming on stream. At the moment there is only one Ophthalmologist in Ireland registered with the BVA Scheme. He generally holds a clinic in October, and we try and encourage people to use his services at this time, though appointments can be made privately should they so desire. Hip scoring is arranged through the Veterinary College in Dublin, where the x-rays are taken, and then forwarded to the BVA in England for scoring. There is no public registry for these tests in Ireland, though with thanks to the Tibetan Terrier Association of England, we can have them included in their publications.

All Breed Championship Shows seldom see more than TEN Tibetan Terriers and often as few as THREE OR FOUR, with perhaps just one or two exhibitors. The Tibetan Terrier Club of Ireland is extremely small, but even so runs two shows every year. We have a Limit Show, and a Championship Show. The Limit Show is usually held in January and is a good training outlet for many breeds during this rest period, as Championship Shows do not start the year until St. Patrick’s Day. It is also a training ground for new judges coming online or wishing to progress, and the Tibetan Terrier Club organizes Tibetan Terrier classes to facilitate these aspiring judges in the breed. The Club Championship Show is held midway through the year, and through our recent entry was up to THIRTY, there were only twelve present on the day. To make up an Irish Champion you need FORTY POINTS. These are awarded in what we call Green Stars. Green Star points are calculated on the number of dogs present, for example – with two dogs present the Dog Green Star is worth two points. Three bitches present, and the Bitch Green Star is worth three points. The BOB gets the higher points. Within your forty points you must have four majors. Majors are five point green stars, or more maximum ten points at any one show. Saint Patrick’s Day, and at least one other All Breed Championship Show within the year, are also International Shows, so as well as being awarded Green Stars, you are awarded CACIBS.

As a footnote, I would just like to add that the Tibetan Terrier Club of Ireland are happy with the Breed Standard as it is, and would not like to see any change in the size. Breeders and exhibitors in the Republic of Ireland have striven to keep within the 14” to 16” guide, and are pleased to continue doing so.

Maureen Byrne