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Report from Switzerland

The Tibetan Terrier Club of Switzerland (TTKS) was founded in the year 1990. At the present time we have about 360 members. Our President, Kaspar Spoerri, died this year in September while horseback riding. He was elected President in the year 2000, so unfortunately was only able to serve a short time in that capacity.

The primary focus of the TTKS is proper breeding. This involves performing tests; providing information to breeders as well as to pet owners; and establishing contacts with everyone in Switzerland with interests in the Tibetan Terrier, and also with other clubs all over the world.

Each year the club has 1 or 2 “family days”. We also conduct a character testing event designed especially for our dogs. We publish our own newspaper 3 or 4 times per year and also maintain a website ( ) which covers shows as well as puppy information.

In Switzerland we only have 5-6 shows each year. This year there were 2 National and 4 International shows, but it is not the same every year. Consequently it is quite difficult to become a Swiss Champion. In order to obtain an award, a dog must be at least 15 months old and between the first and last award there must be a period of one year and one day. For a Swiss Championship, the dog need’s 2 CAC International and 1 CAC National. Usually dogs are 3 years or older before they attain their Championship title.

The Tibetan agility group is quite large. There are 31 licensed dogs; 15 in medium 1 (beginners); 8 in medium 2 (open) and 8 in medium 3 (excellent). Last year the Tibetan Terrier Club actually won the agility association test, and we were very proud of this achievement.

In the Companion test, there are 10 dogs participating and doing tests. There are 5 Therapy Dogs who are actively working in several institutions visiting old or handicapped people. To become a Therapy Dog, the dog must pass an entry test, which is quite difficult.

In 2003 Switzerland had 19 breeders (02 16). There are 38 bitches (02 38) and 22 dogs (02 16). Up until the beginning of September there were 21 litter with 136 puppies. That is an average of 6.5 for each litter. Last year the average litter was 5.9. To be bred, a dog must be shown at least once at an International or National show with a result of very good or excellent. Also the hips must be x-rayed and the eyes must be checked every year for PRA/L. The character test is voluntary. The biggest breeder in Switzerland owns 5 bitches and 2 dogs and most of this breeder’s dogs live as normal pets in the owner/breeder’s home.

Edith Wyder, for the TTKS