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Presentation at the 2003 TT World Congress, Sturbridge, Massachusetts

It is a pleasure and an honour to address the World Congress, and I believe the first time Canada has been in attendance and able to do so.

I am Penny White, president of the Tibetan Terrier Club of Canada, and with Terri Gueck, vice-president, have put together a few details to describe our club's philosophy and function.

We are a small organization, despite the vastness of our country (a mari usque ad mare!), and in total we number about 48 members. There are eight present here today, and 12 made the trip to Sturbridge. In fact, that comprises one quarter of our membership, a commendable statistic!

We operate under a constitution approved by the Canadian Kennel Club. Our Executive is elected, and Directors represent the different provinces and areas of the country . A Newsletter is published four times a year, and a website is maintained with relevant and instructive information about the club, Tibetan Terriers, and sensible, satisfying ownership.

Our biggest event is an annual National Specialty , presented alternately in Eastern or Western Canada. An annual Booster is also held in an East/West rotation. I am proud to report that our TT Club was, I believe, the first in the world -- certainly in North America -- to host an all breed Agility Trial! This took place near Ottawa in 2001 and was a resounding success. (Only two TTs competed on that landmark day, but there were 100 other happy dogs and handlers, and it nicely raised our breed's profile as well as earned funds.)

Tibetan Terriers in Canada participate in all the traditional activities : they show in Conformation, pursue titles in Obedience, compete in Agility, earn Good Citizen certificates, and do Therapy work . Above all, they are wonderful companions. As a club we strive not to overlook 'pet' people , whom we include in events however possible, and address their interests in our publications and on the website. At our Specialty of 2002 there was offered an 'Altered' Class for the first time, and several beautiful TTs enjoyed a showring experience and the thrill of winning ribbons and prizes.

Regarding Conformation…. I 'd like to comment that this summer of 2003 witnessed an unprecedented number of TTs earning Group placements in Canada . There have even been awarded several Best in Shows. Is this a new trend ? Enhanced recognition? Judges finally aware of our splendour? (smile!) I believe mainly it is a testament to the quality of Tibetans our Canadian breeders are producing. We respect and adhere to the Standard, and without exception I can state that TTCC members who are breeders are responsible, dedicated , and exemplary .

We are, of course, a near neighbour of the United States. Many of us also belong to the TT Club of America. In Health matters, we tend to use their registries -- OFA (hips), CERF (eyes) and BAER (hearing) . We diligently test all breeding stock and encourage that same testing by puppy families. We support and participate in TTCA health or research initiatives, such as the DNA Blood Bank , to which most of us have contributed samples.

Although we are a small club, we are VERY keen and absolutely devoted to the Tibetan Terrier! As a club we have fine plans for the future, so stay tuned!