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Report from Germany

My name is Frank Battke from Germany. My wife Magret and I have been breeders of Tibetan Terriers for nine years. I'm a member of the KTR and will present our club’s report at this World Congress. Our board has sent an informational poster made by two KTR members representing our club’s work for preservation of the type and health of the Tibetan Terrier. There are five pictures on the poster. They all have a special meaning, representing what our club does for the breed.

The first picture shows “family days”, where dogs and owners have fun in the forest. These days are held every month in a different area. Each area has its own group who handle the organization of the event. Everyone with a Tibetan Terrier is welcome. We also have days on which we conduct show training, and other days where we discuss health issues.

The second picture demonstrates that every dog (male & female) must go through a special judging by the KTR, before that dog can be bred. A special breed judge performs this evaluation. After judging the dog, KTR can issue two different types of licences. The first license gives the dog freedom to be bred without limits. Dogs that are issued the second license must comply with the recommendations of the judging report. This judging includes a test on temperament.

The third picture deals with health issues and the treatment of the dogs. Our club runs strict health programs to control LL, PRA, Kataract, and Hip Dysplasia. Only a dog that is healthy and has had good treatment by his owner can be used for breeding. Every dog is required to have a hip x-ray by a specialist vet, and must pass with a good result. Dogs with hip displasia are not allowed to be bred. The dog must also be eye checked by a specialist vet and must be clear. If there is a genetic problem the dog is not allowed to be bred. Every breeder in the KTR is also free to do a patella lunation test and a B.E.A.R. test, and the KTR strongly suggests that breeders have these tests done on their dogs. The KTR gives its support to research projects in Germany that are investigating genetic markers with both blood samples and funding

Picture four: Every year in the same city, the KTR holds a breeder meeting at which time geneticists and knowledgeable breeders are invited to speak. These meetings offer an opportunity for breeders to share their knowledge and discussions about breed issues and breed rules. We also hold programs about the breed standard including a "hands on" seminar. New in the KTR, is a special educational program for novice breeders of Tibetan Terriers at which time new breeders are shown a video about delivering a litter.

Picture five: The KTR conducts many important International and National dog shows. These shows reflect the quality level of the breed. We continue to hold more shows each year in different areas of our country. In 2002 the KTR started the "Tibet Dog Europe" winner show and the concept of this new international meeting and shows were a great success. (In 2002 the Tibet Dog Europe show was held in conjunction with the European Winner Show; and in 2003 it was held in conjunction with the World Winner Show in Germany.) We express our thanks to all those international breeders, and their dogs, who make this event such a big success.

Picture six shows our club magazine, the "KTR Reporter". This magazine is published two times a year, and from the articles you can learn about all of the club’s activities. In each issue, breeders showcase their breed and kennel profiles, and owners and friends are invited to submit photos of their beloved Tibetan dogs. Results of important shows in other countries are listed. Health issues, hip and eye results are also published in our magazine.

We would like to inform you, that the World Congress 2005 will be held in Germany and a flyer about this planned World Congress is attached to this report. We hope to see you all in Germany in 2005!!

Frank Battke for the KTR