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Report of The Tibetan Terrier Association
& The Tibetan Terrier Breeder & Owners Club (United Kingdom)

There are two clubs for Tibetan Terriers in the UK. The Tibetan Terrier Association founded in October 1967 one of the oldest clubs for Tibetan Terriers in the world and the Tibetan Terrier Breeders and Owners Club founded in 1987. Both clubs are run according to Kennel Club guidelines and both have the health and welfare of the breed at heart.

The committee of the TTA is as follows:

Patron: The Venerable Rimpoche Chime Youngdong
President: Mr Stuart Chamberlain
Vice Presidents: Mrs Irene Chamberlain, Mr Stuart Chamberlain, Mr Mike Davies,
Mrs Connie Downey, Mrs Pat Noujaim, Dr Mike Tempest
Chairman: Mr Mark James
Hon Sec: Mrs Carol Sayer
Hon Treasurer: Mrs Val Taylor
Committee: Mr Joe Ashwood
Mr Antonio Skaboullos
Mrs Pam Davis
Mrs Krista Guziolek
Mrs Jane Heritage
Mrs Lyn Purslow
Ms Lesley Russell
Mrs Pat Tempest - Vice-Chairman
Mrs Lesley Cooper

The committee of the TTBOC is as follows:

President: Mrs Judith Robin Smith
Chairman Mr Tony Johnson
Hon Sec Mrs Philippa Gilbert
Hon Treasurer Mr Richard Guilford

Mr Glenn Davies
Mr Neil Smith
Mr Glynn Davis
Mrs Sue Garner
Ms Sue Bird
Ms Wendy Gardner

Regular meetings are held throughout the year and both clubs organise similar events and produce newsletters and yearbooks. The TTA has a sub-committee which records, (from any documented evidence) Hip and Eye test results and any other documented Health Problems. We do rely on our members passing on the relevant information and do nothing on a whim or a rumour. This sub-committee is called the Breed Records Sub-Committee and its current members are

Mr Mark James Chairman.
Mrs Pat Tempest
Mrs Pat Noujaim
Mrs Lyn Purslow
Mrs Val Taylor
Mr John Symonds
Mr. John Symonds